Stefan Scheck

  • 1997 - 2000 - Bachelor of horsemanship with Willi Wohlschläger in Thann, upper Bavaria
  • 2004 and 2006 - Master degrees ("Pferdewirtschaftsmeister") as professional rider/trainer and breeder/equine management
  • 2007 - Holder of the Golden Riding Isigna ("Goldene Reitabzeichen") for dressage and showjumping
  • 2000 to 2009 - professional rider, manager and headtrainer for dressage and showjumping in various equestrian facilities
  • Since September 2009 professional mobile headtrainer for dressage and showjumping

Education and professional background

Since early childhood, horses have been part of Stefan Schecks life. Born in 1977 he started his first competition as a youngster with ponies and arabian horses.

In 1996, Stefan Scheck studied for his Bachelor of Horsemanship with Willi Wohlschläger at the Thann/Oberland training facility in upper Bavaria. In 2000 he finished his studies and started as plant manager and head trainer at the equestrian facilities Hohenleiten. Already at this time, Stefan was successful at show jumping up to class S - especially with his famous horse "Platin" with whom he won in 2003 the "Grosse Preis von Ising". In 2004 he achieved his master degree ("Pferdewirtschaftsmeister") as a professional rider and trainer and 2 years later in breeding/equine management. In 2007 he received his Golden Riding Insigna ("Goldenes Reitabzeichen") for dressage and show jumping - so Stefan's fully qualified in all aspects of professional horsemanship.

In late 2006 he started his own business, first at the equestrian facilities Moosach, than Thann and since 2009 he's the head trainer for dressage and show jumping at the Gerblhof, upper Bavaria. Due to his good connections and longstanding experiences, Stefan Scheck can provide you with high-talented sporthorses and leisure horses for any rider.

Stefan Schecks impressive and very successful track record in dressage competetion up to Grand Prix and in show jumping up to class S is accompanied by a great passion for young horses. Stefan enjoys starting and training of youngsters, whom he prepares for brood mare performance tests, stallion approvals and early competition. He's a real allrounder, never afraid of new challenges and always finding a way with his partner - the horse. He is also breeding, a chestnut mare (2009) from show-jumper "Check-in", a black-brown colt (2010) form show jumping star "Lord Pezi" and a darkbrown colt (2011) from Hannoveranian dressage newcomer "Feuerspiel" ( can be seen under "News".



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